The 2nd Congress of the International Center of Studies on Contemporary Nihilism (CeNic): Human Existence and Coexistence in the Epoch of Nihilism


The 2nd Congress of the International Centre for the Study of Contemporary Nihilism “Human Existence and Coexistence in the Epoch of Nihilism” is dedicated to reflecting on the relationship between humanism and nihilism, which nowadays – especially under the influence of scientific-technological progress and global social conditions – is mostly approached from the perspective of post-humanism. Since we are witnessing the violence of dehumanisation all over the world, such a perspective proves to be theoretically and practically inadequate. At the same time, it should be stressed that the epochal experience of nihilism is not only a consequence of the many social crises that we are facing in the contemporary world and the psychopathologies that these crises generate, but it fundamentally predetermines them at an existential and coexistential level. In all human agency, in all that we advocate as ‘cultural growth’, ‘social development’, ‘rise of education’, ‘creative excellence’ ‘scientific and technological progress’, ‘open markets’, ‘democratic rights and freedoms’, along with ‘belief in God’, the question of how man fulfils himself in his humanity has become problematic today in a way that is perhaps historically unprecedented

Conference Transformations of the Idea of Humanity in the Age of Technological Nihilism – Prof. Dr. Adriano Fabris

Conference Sprache und Nihilismus – Prof. Dr. Alfredo Rocha de la Torre

Conference Nihilismus und die unzeitgemäße Situation der Philosophie – Prof. Dr. Dean Komel

Conference Der Wille zum Nichts – Prof. Dr. Damir Barbarić

Conference Orientierung als Antwort auf den Nihilismus – Prof. Dr. Werner Stegmaier

Conference Nihilismus der Nivellierung – Prof. Dr. Dragan D. Prole

Conference Image, AI and Informational Nihilism – Prof. Dra. Veronica Neri

Conference Wounded Thinking of the Wounded World – Prof. Dra. Susanna Lindberg

Conference Progress as Barbarism. Epistemic Violence and Philosophicide of the West – Prof. Dr. Josef Estermann

Conference The Encountering of Cultural Difference – Prof. Dr. Chung-Chi Yu

Conference Moment of the Negative – Prof. Dr. Petar Bojanić