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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manca Erzetič obtained her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dean Komel, with the dissertation entitled “Witnessing in Philosophy and Literature within the Historical Situation of the 20th Century”.Her research activity in the field of hermeneutics of testimony, existential phenomenology, cultural and political philosophy, theory and history of literature at the Institute Nova Revija for the Humanities, she lectures at the Faculty for Slovenian and International Studies of the New University; at the same faculty was a Vice-Dean in 2019-2024. She has received several international awards for her scientific research and essayistic work; in recent years for Hermeneutic Trinity in Sodobnost: Journal for Literature and Culture, and an award from the University in Ljubljana for her work “Concentration Camps as a Zone of Evil: The Hermeneutics of a Testifier and Literary Testifying”. In recent years, she has been a guest lecturer at several universities and institutions (Moscow, Katowice, Alba Iulia, Bucharest, Budapest, Trieste, Zagreb).

Some of her publications are:

  • “Hermeneutics of Witnessing” (Ljubljana, Institute Nova Revija for the Humanities, 2023)
  • “Vulnerability and Testimony within the Nihilistic Experience and Existential Attestation” (In: Teoria: rivista di filosofia, Vol. 43, 1, 2023, pp. 69-87)
  • “The Hermeneutics of Testimony in the Context of Social Mediation” (In: Thinking Togetherness: Phenomenology and Sociality, Institute Nova Revija for the Humanities, 2023, pp. 413-427);
  • “On Witnessing” (In: Tvrđa: Journal for Theory, culture and visual arts, 2023, Vol. 1-2, 2023, pp. 60–90);
  • “The Barren Island as a Totalitarian Method of Terror” (In: The Barren Island after Seventy Years, ed. by, Manca Erzetič, Institute Nova Revija for the Humanities, 2021, pp. 35-50);
  • “The Bare Truth of the Totalitarian System and the Island of Its Testimony” (In: Barren Island: Scars of the Past, eds. Pavić et al., 2021, pp. 105-127);
  • “Eksistencialna opredelitev pričevanja” (In: Phainomena: Journal of Phenomenology and Hermeneutics, vol. 29, 114/115, 2020, pp. 109-129);
  • “Okružja svjedočenja” (In: Tvrđa: journal for Theory, Culture and Visual Arts, Vol. 1-2, 2020, pp. 293–297);
  • “Vprašanje o zgodovinski umeščenosti človeške eksistence” (In: Annales: Series Historia et Sociologia – Istrian and Mediterranean Studies, Vol. 29, 4, 2019, pp. 577–588);
  • “Russian Revolution Through the Prism of Srečko Kosovel’s World View and His Poetry” (In: Monitor ISH, Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 20, 1, 2018, pp. 123-137);
  • “A question about Witnessing” (In: Apokalipsa, 2017, 207/208, pp. 206-215); 
  • “Svjedok totalitarnoga sustava: dehumanizacija čovjeka u političkom logoru i poslije njega” (In: Tvrđa, 2016, Vol. 1-2, pp. 249–258);
  • “The Reception of F. M. Dostoevsky’s Literary Opus in the Works of Slovenian theorists: The Brothers Karamazov. (In: Rossija i russkij čelovek v vosprijatii slavjanskih narodov. Centr knigi Rudomino, 2014, pp. 464–479)
  • “Slovenian Literary Studies in the Context of Foreign Literatures: Heterogeneous, Homogeneous and Intercultural Literary Productions” (In: Romanoslavica, 2012, Vol. 48, No. 1, pp. 153–168)
  • “Hermeneutic Trinity” (In: Sodobnost: Journal for Literature and Culture, 2012, Vol. 77, No. 1/2, pp. 133-139)

She participated in several international conferences, some of which she also organized, edited a book of conference proceedings (e.g.: Barren Island after Seventy Years), and a section about testimony (e.g.: About testimony). She has also organized and chaired summer and autumn international schools (Totalitarianism in the 20th Century: Historical, Social, Humanistic and Legal Aspects, in 2020; The Crisis of Autonomy of Journalism in Contemporary Society, in 2023) and also audio-video recorded a few interviews with witnesses of the totalitarian regimes. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Central and Eastern European Conference on Phenomenology. 


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