New Publication: Prof. Dr. Dean Komel


Prof. Dr. Dean Komel, research fellow at International Centre of Studies on Contemporary Nihilism (CeNic), has published V paralelah smisla [In the Parallels of Meaning] (Humanistična zbirka INR, 2023). This book explores the relationship of philosophy to culture, the humanities, language, poetry, technoscience, historicity, sociality and mentality. When philosophically reflecting on the above-mentioned areas, it is not enough to follow established criteria of scientific objectivity, but it is necessary to specifically develop the own context of meaning that guides the understanding. The oscillation between the ‘determinability’ and ‘indeterminability’ of direction establishes philosophical experience as an open relationship. In this way, the meaning that takes place in parallel makes it possible to move between different expressive registers. For instance, the voice and the image that make up the word are transformed by the poem into a string and a face. But for the information channels this means nothing, which reveals the nihilism of communication that dominates the world.

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