New publication: Prof. Dr. Žarko Paić


Prof. Dr. Žarko Paić, research fellow at International Center of Studies on Contemporary Nihilism (CeNic), has published the book The Return of Totalitarianism. Ideology, Terror and Total Control (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022). This book argues with theorists of totalitarianism and calls for a re-evaluation of the approaches concerned with mass manipulation of people and ideological mechanisms of control. Prof. Dr. Žarko Paić points out that totalitarianism is not only a political-ideological problem, but also a problem of the relationship between the technosphere, political power and the narcissistic culture of spectacle, which offers postmodern revisionism and forgetting of history, as opposed to courageous civic participation in the public sphere of common action. The author investigates the transformations experienced in the contemporary world by the political and cultural processes associated with the concept of “totalitarianism”, and the changes (and differences) that this concept expresses today in comparison with what Fascism, Nazism and Stalinism represented in the 20th century.

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