New publication: Prof. Dr. Éric Pommier


Prof. Dr. Éric Pommier, research fellow at International Center of Studies on Contemporary Nihilism (CeNic), has published La Democracia Medioambiental. Preservar nuestra parte de la naturaleza (Ediciones UC, 2022). This book, originally published in French by PUF (2022), proposes to explore ways of reconciling the ethical and the political through the concept of environmental democracy. In the context of the deployment of technical power and its threats, increasing attention is being paid to the need of defending a principle of responsibility towards future generations, life and Earth. However, it is not clear, on the one hand, how the interests of future generations could be represented –since they have not yet been born– and, on the other, how the interests of living beings and Earth could be defended, since they are not subjects of law. Is it to be concluded from this that the new ethical demand is only an unrealizable utopia, which could even be dangerous for democracies if its realization is sought at all costs? If it is possible to criticize democracy for its lack of concern for the planet, living beings and future generations, it is also possible to distance oneself from a regime that seeks to defend these interests in detriment of the rights of classical subjects, i.e., contemporary humanity.

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