New publication. Prof. Dr. Gaetano Chiurazzi


Prof. Dr. Gaetano Chiurazzi, research member of the International Center of Studies on Contemporary Nihilism (CeNic), has recently published Dynamis. Ontología de lo inconmensurable (2022, Sevilla: Fénix). In this book Prof. Chiurazzi argues that the roots of the dynamical ontology outlined in Plato’s late dialogues, culminating in the definition of Being as dynamis in the Sophist, can be traced back to the mathematical debate on incommensurable quantities, which are presented as a solution to the problem of non-being. This implies the passage to a form of non-measuring, but mediating rationality, which will end up finding its maximum expression in Kantian transcendentalism and in the various philosophies derived from it, from Hegelianism to the hermeneutics of the nineteenth century. Thus, the demonstration of the incommensurability of the diagonal is not only the turning point towards an ontology of dynamis, but the fundamental presupposition of an intrinsically differential ontology and of a truly transformative and emancipatory conception of reason. Incommensurability represents, in fact, the concept of an exteriority or surplus irreducible to a given domain and, therefore, the foundation of what is designated as a “microphysics of freedom”.

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