New publication: Prof. Dr. Werner Stegmaier


Prof. Dr. Werner Stegmaier, research fellow at the International Center of Studies on Contemporary Nihilism (CeNic), has published Nietzsche an der Arbeit. Das Gewicht seiner nachgelassenen Aufzeichnungen für sein Philosophieren (Walter de Gruyter, 2022), which focuses on the methodical development of Nietzsche’s philosphy through a contextual, differential and chronological interpretation, and on his philosophy in general as a continuous process of orientation in the sense of the Philosophy of Orientation developed by the author. For Nietzsche the transformation of the content of his thought has a special role, which is still expressed in the Fragments in a way that reveals itself to those who understand it. The book brings together three of Prof. Dr. Stegmaier’s main fields of research: research on the philosopher from Röcken, the Philosophy of Orientation and the forms of philosophical writing.

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