New Publication: Prof. Dr. Žarko Paić


Prof. Dr. Žarko Paić, research fellow at International Center of Studies on Contemporary Nihilism (CeNic), has published The Technosphere as a New Aesthetic (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022). This collection, devoted to the theme of Homo Kybernetes, examines the genesis and development of various considerations of the technosphere as an aesthetic problem. The contributions collected in the book reflect on cybernetic thought as a condition of possibility of digital aesthetics, and on the possibilities of transition of human sensibility towards a different mode of bodily existence. The volume brings together contributions by Massimo De Carolis, Adriano Fabris, Dieter Mersch, Žarko Paić, David Edward Rose, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, Miško Šuvaković, Tonči Valentić and Natasha Vita-More.


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